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Meet Dana Hudiak. Howner and Interior Designer

I live for the beauty of all things. The beauty that is Inside and the beauty that is outside. The peace you feel from a hot cup of tea on a cold day and the beauty of blossoming branches during the first few weeks of spring. There is an absolute balance in nature and a necessity for this beauty and balance in our lives and in our homes.

To me, a beautiful space has equal parts modern lines and traditional elements. Colors are subtle and materials are classic, perhaps used in a new and different way. Décor polishes a look, revealing personality. My client’s lives intrigue me and have a huge impact on my designs. It is actually a pretty huge part of what I do. I draw inspiration from their lives, their experiences, their hobbies and their travels. For me, a newborns portrait can have as much of an impact on a space as the walls themselves.

From an early age I was moved by my surroundings and was very aware of the way a room felt. The position of a chair, the angle of a coffee table book, an oversaturation of light or a lack of color could intensely impact the mood. I understood early on that our environment has an impact on our lives.

Regardless of a project’s scale, my passion and enthusiasm to provide calmness and beauty in their lives is unparalleled. I have the capacity to draw up blue prints and shop drawings for entirely new homes and will spend just as much time and excitement tearing through the thick glossy pages of Elle Décor seeking inspiration for art and accessories, paint colors and furniture.

I love to touch things and study their form. I love to organize and re-arrange. I think all designers are like that. I like to imagine how I could do this and that differently and then make it better. I have a naturally insightful way about me. I am moved by our environment the way some are moved by a great book or a timeless love story. Interior design is the art form by which we all live. By that, it is all very personal for me. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.