Artfully Styled Interiors...
Sophisticated. Timeless. Worldly.

Hudiak Design is a residential interior design firm formed in 2009 in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pa. It was from the trust of our very first client, one very special woman that Dana Hudiak was able to start on this journey. It is by our client’s belief in the depth of our skill and boundlessness of our dedication that we are here today, doing what we love.

Hudiak Design stands for beauty and livability. The range of our services spans from blue prints to accessory shopping, hand picking each piece, just right. The work that emerges from the designer’s studio speaks of raw materials and details unpredicted, whether in the lines of a custom furniture piece, the strength of a solid work surface or the fine fibers of a throw pillow.

Dana’s approach is hands on. With each client and each project, there is an assembly of the finest craftsman whom in collaboration strive to re-define the concept of a ‘custom interior’. Each project is approached from the unique perspective that it demands. In nature, there are no two organisms the same. Similarly, there are no two designs suited perfectly for more than one client. The results are custom beyond definition.

Hudiak has the capacity to engage at every level of the design process, preferring to join at the earliest stages of concept development. Dana will work closely with her clients, architects, builders, and contractors, from start to finish, delivering comprehensive drawings, elevations and specifications that articulate every detail. Dana will transform your home by carefully selecting furniture that will nurture your family, fabrics that enhance and accessories that tell your story. No single detail is without thought. It is more than décor. It’s a lifestyle.